Our "Why"

  • Hi! My name is Ryan and my goal is to become a successful female biracial entrepreneur. I really believe in embodying love and positivity, and I do my best to spread this energy to others each day. I have always dreamed of changing the world, and I focus on being the light in others' lives. My vision for Lovey Crew would allow me to achieve both of these aspirations!


  • Throughout my journey with my business, I have faced countless people who doubted that I could succeed. It was a "really impressive dream" but I should probably just get an "actual" job like other people my age. Still, I persisted. I am more passionate about my brand than anything else in my life, and I would love to use Lovey Crew to spread positivity worldwide. More than anything, I want to show young people and minorities that our circumstances do not in any way define who we are, what we are capable of, or who we can be.